Well I made it through

Last I posted, my gynecologist had just recommended I get a hysterectomy. She is going to perform a laparoscopic partial hysterectomy removing the uterus and tubes but leaving the ovaries. I am happy with this decision, as by leaving the ovaries I will not be forced into menopause right after the surgery.

I was very apprehensive to go into this surgery as at age 47 the only surgery I have experienced was the removal of my wisdom teeth, this will be my first visit to a hospital and my first experience with general anesthesia. I did some reading up on having general anesthesia including how to prepare and what to expect afterwards. Even though my doctor did not recommend I follow a strict diet before surgery I decided to do so anyhow. The day before surgery I ate jello, yogurt and Lipton chicken noodle soup. Stuff that would be very easy to digest. A nurse cousin of mine also suggested I take a stool softener the day before surgery and the anesthesiologist had me take an acid reflux pill the night before surgery and another one the morning of surgery with just a sip of water. (You may already know that with general anesthesia you can not have any food or drink after midnight for a morning surgery)

I was surprised at how well I actually slept the night before my surgery. My check in time was 6:00am so we needed to leave our house around 5:30am. I wore comfy loose fitting flannel pajama bottoms and a super soft long sleeve t-shirt. Once admitted into the hospital my husband and I were taken to my room where I was instructed to remove all my clothing and slip into the very generous one size fits all gown…It was quite the sight!! I then loaded myself into my hospital bed and this is where I was really enjoying myself. First off I have always wanted a craft-a-matic adjustable bed and here I was in my very own personal adjustable bed. The second best part was this remote controlled heater blanket on the bed that was hooked up to a blower tube, it reminded me of those old fashioned hair dryers that were in a suitcase type box and you placed the bag which was attached to a blower tube over your head.

The nurse who inserted my I.V. did a fabulous job, I felt nothing!! Next thing I knew my anesthesiologist arrived to wheel me in to the surgery room. He asked me if I felt anything yet? as he had slipped some medicine into my I.V. I remember telling him “no, not yet, but the celling is swirling around”. ­čÖé Once on the operating table I was asked my favorite vacationing spot and that was about all I remember…until I opened my eyes and the nurse said to me “Hello Kimberly, you have an anxious husband waiting to see you.” OMG! It’s done? I’m done? What???? Are you kidding? I still can not believe I didn’t feel or remember anything about the surgery!

My mouth was super dry so I was given some ice chips, and then a jello, and I have to tell you it was the best tasting jello! I fell in and out of sleep for the next few hours and was released around 3:00pm to come home.me in hospital


So I need a hysterectomy!


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Over the past year I have been having really heavy periods, the type that are ruining my life! I can’t make plans because I don’t know if I will be on my period and that means needing a bathroom every 20 minutes. When these heavy periods started I was seeing a naturopath who put me on bio-identical hormones which seemed to help at first but soon I was back to were I started from. I decided to turn to my gynecologist for help sense this is her specialty. She too thought hormones would help but prescribed me a different type. After 3 months on these hormone pills with no change what so ever my Dr. decided┬áinserting an IUD would be the answer. So┬á$500.00 later, which my insurance did reimburse me for thank goodness, I was now sporting a copper IUD that was going to be the answer to my prayers. It was great the first month after the insertion…No Period! Yay I was so happy! Things were going great the next 2 months just some spotting, I couldn’t believe how awesome this was. Unfortunately month 4 rolled around and my period was heavier than it had ever been. I called my Dr. to report this bad news and she suggested coming in for her to take a look around, so back in the stir-ups I went. What came out of her mouth next was so unbelievable I had to ask her to repeat it. “Looks like your IUD came out” What?? When?? What?? Where the heck did it go??┬áI couldn’t believe it!! They just fall out? How did this happen and I never felt or saw a thing? I was then sent to get an x-ray and an ultrasound to make sure the IUD hadn’t floated into another area. The good news, no sign of the IUD, the bad news, the ultra sound found really large fibroids that were causing my heavy bleeding. Though now I’m thinking that was also good news because now my Dr. said the only thing that could help at this point was a hysterectomy. Though scared to death the thought of NO MORE PERIODS was enough to push me through this!